lundi 31 mai 2010

George Duroy Sold Bel Ami

George Duroy has sold the Bel Ami gay porn production company to his long time assistant Marty Stevens.

Records at the online Business Register database (
) of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic show that Mr. Lanning Jánošov sold the company Multimedia services s.r.o. on 31 December 2009, to Mr. Martin Bielovič.

Lanning Jánošov = George Duroy
Martin Bielovič = Marty Stevens
Multimedia services s.r.o. is the gay porn production company of Bel Ami.

This deal does not include the Internet activities of Bel Ami. The Bel Ami websites, like Bel Ami Online (
) , are owned by the Prague based company BAOL s.r.o.
Martin Bielovič is the 100% owner of BAOL s.r.o. (

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jeudi 27 mai 2010

Giorgio Carrera @

Bel Ami gay porn model Giorgio Carrera = Jindřich Tillinger

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samedi 22 mai 2010

YouTube Interview Luke Hamill & Florian Nemec

Jesse Santana, Bobby Clark, Luke Hamill and Florian Nemec in Amsterdam April 2010 at a party for the presentation of the video "Cocky Friends".

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